ThinLine Barrel Western Saddle Pad

ThinLine Barrel Western Saddle Pad>
Title: ThinLine Barrel Western Saddle Pad
Model: 8809
Manufacturer: J. Mitton and Associates Inc.
  • Cotton Quilt with Felt, Foam and Hollow Fill
  • ThinLine Foam Under The Tree
  • Less material, More Contact
List Price: $78.39
Lowest New Price: $116.89
Lowest Used Price: $78.39
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Product Description
ThinLine Western Saddle Pads for barrel racers The Thinline Shenandoah barrel or square style western pad is made with a thin layer of felt and hollow fill. The 1/4 Thinline material under the seat will help to cushion the ride. When less material is used in construction of the saddle pad, you will have more contact with the horse and better communication. The breathable cotton quilt material helps your horse to stay cooler. This pad measures 26 1/2 along the spine and has a drop of 16.1/2''.